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The Story of ahsa

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The Story of Ahsa

Book One: Ahsa's Good Deed

Hi! I'm Ahsa. Follow me on a journey through 14 books. The Story of Ahsa has 14 books, 14 adventures, and 14 lessons.

Join me for Book One: Ahsa's Good Deed where on the way to school I meet a stranger in need of help. What will happen next?

Purchase the book to find out!

The Story of Ahsa

Book One: Ahsa's Good Deed

Ahsa's Good Deed was written on a third grade reading level. According to Scholastic, that means this book can be read by children ages 8-10.

The Story of Ahsa was also written with the intention for caregivers to read to children. Ahsa's Good Deed is the perfect choice for storytime. 

“And deeds, no matter how small, have the power to live forever.”  - Asha’s Good Deed


Ranata Reeder

Ranata Reeder is the author of the children’s book series The Story of Ahsa. The series, set to rhyme, is inspired by Ranata’s childhood growing up in Greensboro, North Carolina. Passionate about storytelling, each book incorporates life lessons children can understand into stories they can enjoy. The Story of Ahsa establishes connections, builds character, and is an enjoyable read for children of all ages and their caretakers.

Ranata now calls South Florida home. She enjoys walks by the water, baking, and any form of travel.

Ahsa’s Good Deed: Preview